Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Selected good news items

It's been a while - so let's catch up with some good news;

  • Ali Dizaei has been released from prison. I've been following his case for some time and am convinced Mr Dizaei has been the victim of a systematic injustice at the hands of his former employer, the Metropolitan Police. I couldn't be happier although I have little hope those responible will be brought to book.
  • Six other men have been released from jail because they were, well, innocent. They've been locked up since September for plotting to kill the Pope, even  though they didn't.
  • Alisdair Thompson who was arrested on a UKUncut demonstration in Edinburgh is out of pokey and safe and well. His crime. Carrying a banner. No, really.
  • The Indian elections have seen a big movement forward in terms of women's representation.
  • At least someone has some sense over Madeline McCann. Jenny Jones talks sense.
  • Credit where it's due the government has done something good by preventing vulture funds using UK courts against developing world countries.


Gordon said...

It's hard to escape the conclusion that there wasn't something dodgy going on with Dizaei, isn't it?

Jim Jepps said...

Ever since Operation Helios came to light (check old link in post) it's been clear the the police were out to get him - and when these charges first came to light the Met and the press descended on them with glee.

The press in particular was awful reporrting it all completely uncritcially despite the fact they knew the history.

It stank from the start.

Gordon said...

But would the CPS press ahead if there was no case?

My gut feeling is that there may have been people out to get him for one reason or another, but that doesn't preclude there actually being things to get him on...

That said, I've really got no idea...

Jim Jepps said...

Well the CPS work with the evidence given to them so they wouldn't have be part of a conspiracy as such - as they only work on what they are given, and if that information is corrupted that's where the problem lies.

However, what we need is a real investigation into this decade long persecution of Ali Dizaei as no one has the real information. Sadly that wont happen though as corruption in the police is consistently covered up rather than exposed.