Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top YES to AV votes... notice anything?

Here are the ten areas with the strongest YES to AV vote... notice anything about them?

Hackney 60.68%
Glasgow Kelvin 58.78%
Islington 56.92%
Haringey 56.62%
Lambeth 54.69%
Cambridge 54.32%
Oxford 54.11%
Southwark 52.73%
Camden 51.4%
Edinburgh Central 51.36%

Well, I'll give you a hint... the Lib Dem and Labour vote are pretty variable across these ten, urban areas. Hackney is a strong Labour seat, Glasgow has just been rocked by the SNP and Cambridge is Lib Dem, for example.

However, they are all areas where the Greens either have councillors or, in the case of London, had councillors until the dual general election /council election last year.

Interesting... just to note I think this is about demographics not the spectacularness of the Green Party's contribution to the YES campaign which was vigorous in places like Camden and Islington and almost non-existent in Edinburgh and Glasgow as there were other things on our minds!


Mike Shaughnessy said...

We've never had Green councillors in Haringey Jim.

It is interesting though that these areas voted yes. The London boroughs are where we do fairly well, and tend to have voters who are probably best described as liberal left.

Jim Jepps said...

Hi Mike - yes that hole in my theory was just pointed out to me on facebook - drat! Wrong again.

Derek Wall said...


Bob said...

They're all places full of tedious, smug hipsters?

Jim Jepps said...

I've been to Glasgow... I think it may be the exception to your rule Bob.

ps apologies to those whose comments have b een wiped by blogger (not me). Derek asked about Brighton, they got just under 50% for yes putting them in the top 15.

Anonymous said...

Glasgow Kelvin is the West End of Glasgow though, with a big student/young professional population.

I think the Greens struggle with other demographics, from what I can see


Anonymous said...

hardly rocket science is it.

just like parts of Norwich and Brighton - lots of well-to-do folk / students etc

Mark Douglas said...

Well done Hackney, active Green and Lib Dem campaign (and some Lab and Yes Tories as well) all bumped up the Yes vote.
Emerging young population but still pretty grim in many places. Bit of a mix really.
Will probably go Green eventually.