Monday, August 02, 2010

Who is running for the Green Party executive?

I've just finished putting together the hub page for the Green Party national executive (GPEx) elections where you can read the candidate statements from the small, select band of hopefuls. You can see it in its full glory here and you never know, it might tempt you to stand.

My comparison chart of the deputy leader candidates here. Derek Wall now has a site for his deputy leadership campaign here and Adrian and Caroline have their's here.

You might also like to know that the party will be conducting an online hustings for the leadership candidates. Submit your (single) question to clearly marked 'Hustings question' in the subject header.

In the run up to September's conference a bit of a pre-conference discussion has started up and I thought I'd highlight a few of the posts I've spotted before finding time to contribute myself. Do let me know if I've missed any out.


Pete Shield said...

I'm really pleased Derek is standing. Not that I have anything against Adrian but I think it is good to have a separation between those in public elected positions and those of the Green Party. With Caroline's work in Parliament and her hard work as the 'face' of the Party nationally a huge workload will fall on the Deputy Leader.

Adrian has a huge job to hopefully win Norwich, and there is another huge job to be done to build the Green Party itself.

Personally I don't think you can do both unless you get yourself cloned, which naturally is not a Green Party policy;-)

Green Gordon said...

On the other hand, I'm more confident in Adrian's ability to handle that workload than Derek's.

Derek Wall said...

I have nothing against Adrian I think he does a good job but I have been asked to stand by lots of people so going to give it a go.

Yes Gordon I do keep busy, two books out this year and a newspaper column but hopefully these things contribute to green politics.

Any way probably should not be commenting on the contest but its certainly not out of antipathy to Adrian, its shame that this is the only contested post which goes to a national ballot, I hope next year all the GPEX posts available see contests so the members can judge.

Joseph said...

Yes, Derek is a prodigously hard worker and apart from his books and his column, has also been on many speaking engagements as well as workshops with students, economists and others. I have no doubt that he will last the pace.

I also think that Pete's point is an important one - we need people in leadership roles in the party who are not bogged down all the time in the details of electoral issues and have time to address the needs of the membership grassroots. Although Caroline's victory was fantastic, I know from being on GPRC, that there are many other regions and local parties where morale is not high and who need encouragement and involvement from the centre. This is a 'renewal' role which Jon Cruddas is trying to perform in the Labour Party by running for Chair. Cruddas, of course, was seen as the outsider by the party establishment and almost became Deputy Leader last time.

greenpolitico said...

I speak as someone who backed Adrian last time, and would never have imagined I'd support Derek. However 2 years on I've yet to see Adrian do a great deal with the role, and I think this must be put down to his other duties as a councillor and parliamentary candidate. I think someone else, perhaps as Mike and Joseph have said, with a little less on, should have a shot. As great as they are, Caroline and Adrian should not be de facto permanent leaders of the party simply because no one else is considered as experienced. I think Derek needs to improve his writing a bit (it's a bit freewheeling to say the least), but he deserves a chance to see what he can do.

Having said all that, I think the things Derek achieved in his time as Male Principal Speaker (mostly external, media-focused) aren't quite what we need in a party-focused Deputy Leader. I'd go as far as to say that we haven't got a suitable candidate for Deputy Leader, but of the two we might as well back Derek for a bit of variety.

It is a real shame there isn't a contest for Leader or even any of the other posts. I saw this coming, I feared that once the party got its first MP, everyone would take a massive break and think the job was done. Wrong.... but please, let's not two people become de facto permanent leaders. It will make us stale.

weggis said...

You may have nothing against Adrian, but have you considered that those who asked you to stand may?

On the other hand I am pleased that at least one position is being contested [other than RON].

Does that tell us anything?

Red Green Nick said...

Its a real commitment for anyone who stands for executive and its a real shame more positions are not keenly contested. Few of us have the time, energy and drive.
We have seen quite an influx of new members, who once settled in I hope will provide new ideas and fresh impetus to the Green Party.
Derek will bring a new and radical focus to the Green Party if he is elected. He is modest enough to listen to advice and I have confidence he can adjust his focus and workload if elected.
I don't know Adrian Ramsay, but his record is building the Norwich Green Party speaks for itself.

Pete Shield said...

If nothing else Derek's candidature should revitalise the debate about the inner Party life and culture of the Green Party. Looking from afar all these uncontested positions give an indication that not is all as it should be within the Green Party in terms of political debate and dynamics.

The Green Party needs an active internal debate about which way forward and how to build the structures to replicate Brighton and Norwich on a national level.

One of the issues that needs to be addressed is how to organise what is in effect a party of highly involved activists. By that I mean highly involved in a wide range of civil society outside of the Green Party. How do busy and committed people as well as work in their 'day' jobs and activities also contribute to and get support from their political party?

Partly the answer utilising the power of the internet and social media in building up knowledge basis, horizontal lines of communications, policy debates(Sort of online working committees), good reporting lines for the Green Party'selected members so that good work can be known and used by all the membership, knowledge and experience forums for local councillors and candidates to exchange information and ideas.

At the moment sadly it all feels a bit North Korean, but as I say that is an outsiders point of view.

Jim Jepps said...

I doubt Derek has anything against Adrian, but I don't think people should be defensive - it's good to have contested elections and it's not about who you 'like'.

Obviously I'm for elections being conducted in a professional/respectful manner which draws out the real issues and doesn't get bogged down in personal attacks. But I'm relaxed if someone wants to say 'I think my rival's view on ABC is not correct.'

We do need a discussion on the role of leader/deputy which we have avoided since going over to the leadership model in order to avoid opening up wounds - I think enough time has passed that people can start that debate now.

Peter Cranie said...
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