Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Six shiny things

  • Mark Steel is blogging on that pesky IDF.

  • I note the latest project from Dawn Foster, documenting the things people shout at her whilst on her bike. 101 Wankers.

  • Meanwhile the Guardian had a great piece on cycle safety.

  • Luna17 asks how do we stop the cuts?

  • I thought this post from Bob looked really interesting on Folk Marxism, but I need a bit more time to digest it.

  • Lastly I was disappointed to see that the new Sherlock Holmes is not living up to expectations. Madame Miaow writes a very clear piece on lazy racism and lazy writing.

1 comment:

modernity said...

Fascinating hatchet job from Steel, his SWP training is all too obvious in the selectivity of the article.