Thursday, August 05, 2010

Six more for the pot

  • I'm sure you'll all have been watching the unfolding horror of flooding in Pakistan. You can donate to relief efforts at the DEC appeal website.

  • The Coalition of Resistance is organising for a national conference on the 27th Nov. to put a spoke in the wheel of the cuts machine.

  • I could have spat out my coffee when I saw the Guardian - the Guardian - had an article titled "Strikes are worth having, regardless of the outcome".

  • Blogger Swinton South Liberal, though it seems he's not keen on the Liberals anymore.

  • Continuing our theme opposing Islamophobia in the media Random Blowe dissects some discussion that started in The Independent.

  • Earwicga highlights Eminem and Rihanna's new track on domestic violence. I think the quote she uses misses a lot of what Eminem was trying to do in previous songs on similar themes but I certainly agree that this is powerful stuff.

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