Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three quick reminders

First, don't forget you still have a few days to vote in the Total Politics Awards. It's not to be taken too seriously but it's always good to see progressive, lefty, green types do well compared to the buggers of the right. Sorry, that should be bloggers of the right, the buggers.

You need to vote for at least five blogs (or should that be four other blogs?) so if you lack inspiration as to who else to vote for you can check out my list of Green blogs here, and my short list of lefty blogs in the right hand column which includes the likes of AVPS, F-Word, Third Estate, HarpyMarx and Dave's Part - who would all be worth a punt as well.

The second reminder is for Green Party members who I'd like to remind that the GPEx (Green Party Executive) nominations are still open and are, currently, massively skewed towards London residents.

I personally believe it is very important that these elections are all contested so that the party actually gets a choice as to who sits on the executive rather than simply getting lumbered with whoever has a big enough head to put themselves forwards... or to put it another way I think the executive should be decided by more than just who is capable of filling in a form.

I certainly will be voting for most of the seven people who've put their names in the hat so far, it's not their fault others have not put themselves forward - but it's very unhealthy that the party will have so little say over our exec. which essentially eliminates one of the largest mechanisms we have for holding the exec. to account.

It can't be right that the national chair, for example, is an uncontested position when we're in such a new period for the party. Do let me know if you need help or advise about these elections.

Lastly, it was announced today that the police officer who struck Ian Tomlinson from behind,leaving him dead, is to face disciplinary charges for his actions. No one could accuse the Met of rushing into that decision could they?

I mean most employers would probably be irresponsible and immediately discipline a member of staff who assaulted and killed someone while on duty - but the Met is more considered when it comes to this sort of thing and no one should assume that this announcement is in anyway connected to the outrage at the CPS's decision that a jury will not be allowed to judge whether this was murder.

This Friday, the 30th July, there is a lunchtime protest outside the Office of Department of Public Prosecution (Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, SE1 9HS). It starts at noon and it would be a very good thing if we could ensure the DPP is not allowed to forget the public's disgust at their decision.

You may also wish to donate to The Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign. Incidentally this piece by Unity on Liberal Conspiracy is a must read when assessing the gross injustice of the DPP's decision.


Anonymous said...

I'm not right wing, but like buggery... [/tmi]

Salman said...

Actually it doesn't include The Third Estate, we're not on your blogroll after all this time. *Sniff* But thanks for the mention Jim :)

Jim Jepps said...

Don't I? This is very re-miss - good luck!