Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Annual Total Politics blog awards

For me blogging is just a bit of fun really. I don't check my stats, I don't write posts based on what I think I 'ought' to write on or what might be popular - although I don't avoid doing that either if the inspiration comes. Blog awards are a little bit of fun within that bit of fun, although I only really take part in one, the Total Politics blog awards which are decided entirely on popular vote.

Awards like this don't mean anything much, but as a means of raising the profile of the best blogs and helping create a blogging community I think they're a very useful device. Last year shamefully the Greens only had two blogs in the top one hundred which was, I suppose, twice as many as the year before so I'm hoping that we see a few more Green blogs up there and more of my non-Green Party favourites do well too.

Personally I don't vote just for Green bloggers and tend to have an eclectic mix in my pick - although it's always hard to choose just ten. I don't want to recommend a list of blogs as that's quite verbotten under the rules however, because you need to vote for at least five blogs, in a spirit of eco-helpfulness I thought I'd remind people of the top three Green blogs last time, The Daily (Maybe), Two Doctors, and Peter Cranie

There's also our top ranking woman blogger Sue Luxton and a new member and very strong blogger from Leeds, My Political Ramblings Lastly I thought I'd highlight possibly our only group blog, and a very fine one it is too, Bright Green Scotland

Even if you don't vote for them they're all worth a visit I reckon. You can find the full instructions by clicking the graphic below;

Click here to vote in the Total Politics Best Blogs Poll 2010


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for that, that is very kind of you.


septicisle said...

I thought that Dale wasn't going to be doing them again? Still can't get over how I came higher last year on the Labour list than I did on the left-wing one.

Adam Ramsay said...

Thanks Jim.