Thursday, July 15, 2010

Green Party National Executive elections

It's that time of year again when the Green Party elects it's national executive. As usual we're in a position where no one wants to take on what's seen as a thankless role with too much work and too little support.

It's not a big surprise that the leadership role is uncontested with just Caroline putting herself forwards - although it is disappointing as it's an opportunity for the party to debate it's direction outside of the more narrow confines of specific conference motions. However, I'm pleased that the deputy leader post *is* contested as I mentioned a few days ago.

These two posts will now go to postal ballot with the results announced at September's conference.

The Green Party national executive has eleven named posts of which seven have had one candidate put forward their name and four posts have no contestants. The nominations for all these posts are still open and I'd like to encourage anyone who is a member of the party to consider putting themselves forward for one of these posts (request a nomination pack from the Electoral Returning Officer on These positions will be elected at conference in Birmingham.

There will soon be candidate statements available on the national website for the following contested positions.

  • Chair: Jayne Forbes
  • Campaigns: Romayne Phoenix
  • Elections: Judy Macieowska
  • Finance: Dean Walton
  • Local Party Support: Gayle O'Donovan
  • Management: Tom Beaton
  • Publications: Edward Milford
There are no candidates for the following posts: Equality & Diversity, External Communications, Internal Communications, International, Policy. In fairness I should point out that I think many members thought the incumbents for three of the four would be standing again and that they would have been uncontroversial which is why these roles are currently uncontested.

Now all these candidates are lovely, but I was particularly pleased to see Gayle's name in the list as she's from Manchester, unlike the other six candidates who all live in London. Come on Green Party, we can do better than that!

The party could make a big advance in the European elections in the North West and South West in 2014 where we came so close last time, but it's unlikely to happen if there is no-one from those regions fighting their corner on the executive. I really do think it's important that the executive reflects the geographic spread of the party.

If you're not from London, or even if you are I suppose, and want advice/help around standing for one of these posts I'd be happy to help, as would Jon Nott, the ERO, I'm sure. I'm not guaranteeing to vote for you, obviously, but these elections really do need to be contested, not to mention the posts that no-one wants to do.


Charlotte Dingle said...

Hmm... Tempting... :P

leonora said...

Ok, I will consider standing for the International Post....
I already do International liaison for Green Left (mainly Italy and Belgium....Belgium? yes, well it's the way it turned out!) so I take it this would be an extension of my current work....just send me some info, OK!

Jim Jepps said...

I've emailed you both forms!