Saturday, February 06, 2010

Berlusconi does not exist

I stumbled across this picture of a rally in Italy yesterday. If you click the link or photo you get a bigger version so you can see him in all his magnificence.

From the picture you can see that the great leader is so popular that some people are actually attending the same rally more than once, simultaneously with themselves. Now *that* is pulling power.

However, as this pic is clearly falsified and having learned my science from the climate deniers I have decided that this means Berlusconi does not really exist. I mean, how can he? One of the photos showing him has been touched up!


Anonymous said...

You're got to admire the cheek of it, I certainly do.

What's the Berlusconi equivalent of a Bushism? a Berlusconism? It doesn't sound right, but it may have to do.

earwicga said...

Brilliant! Also, I have decided David Cameron and the whole of the Tory party don't exist. Same for Tony Blair and David Miliband.