Friday, February 05, 2010

An aside

Last night I was listening to someone talking about healthy eating and how important it was. They mentioned pies three times as an example of things that are bad for you.

Ever since I've not been able to concentrate for thinking about those naughty pies. Just a few minutes ago I finished a deliciously greasy steak and kidney pie, something I've not eaten for months.

Let this be a warning to others who wish to make me eat a balanced diet - you may do more harm than good!


Aaron said...

And I thought you were veggie... ! /sadface

Jim Jepps said...

I'd find vegetarianism easier if people would just stop talking about pies!!!

bob said...

I went the whole of January without eating any pies (an annual ritual I have). I am, so far, enjoying Ferbruary far more.

I know how you feel.

weggis said...

Pies don't HAVE to be steak and kidney. But they are the biz!