Thursday, December 17, 2009

Take the music back

Sick of the way the charts are dictated by those with the financial clout to shove anemic crap down our throats? Tired of how the race for Christmas Number One is just another way of advancing consumerism without content? Want to see a world where music isn't simply about 'units sold' but represents something deeper.

Well here is the grassroots campaign for you - thwart Simon Cowell's army of evil robots and give Rage Against the Machine the top spot this Winterval. I was initially unsure about this campaign but the more arguments I heard against it the more convinced I became that this was something worth backing, particularly as it led me to digging out my RATM CD's and leaping round the room in a most unladylike fashion.

This Radio Five interview with the band is interesting, not least because they cut the band off half way through the song because it contained the words "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me" - well, duh!

When asked about Cowell the band responded that "Simon is an interesting character who seems to have profited greatly from humiliating people on television. We see this [campaign] as a necessary break with his control."

After expressing how privileged they felt about being chosen as the anti-corporate anthem by the grass roots they rounded off the discussion by saying that it shows that whether it's a "small matter like who's the top of the charts, or bigger matters like war and peace and economic inequality, when people band together and make their voices heard they can completely overturn the system as it is."

Good stuff. You have until the end of Saturday 19th December (at 23:59pm) to buy your copy, which you can do for 69 pence here. Don't bulk buy - it wont count! The organisers of the campaign have also asked people to make a donation of a pound to Sony, sorry I mean Shelter, when you buy your RATM which you can do by clicking here.


Dave said...

Hmm. This has all the smells of a nice middle-class chavtastic hate campaign. 'Look at the prolies too stoopid to do anything other than buy nasty Simon's record'. When in truth, xmas pop has pretty much always been pap, and always popular. And picking 'fuck you I won't tidy my bedroom' kinda makes the point. There's a very good take on this here.

Jim Jepps said...

I don't buy that. I don't like Cowell because his sort are the enemies music. Nor is he, or any of the people behind the X Factor working class.

Pop is pap - RATM is not.

Dave said...

That's just bland rockism Jim. The working classness of Cowell or the production team of the X-Factor is a complete red herring, the fact that millions of said working class watch it, enjoy it and love it is more pertinent.

The sad truth is that as far as rockists are concerned, the working class have always been a huge musical disappointment.

Jim Jepps said...

"as far as rockists are concerned, the working class have always been a huge musical disappointment."

urrr... how bizarre. In what way is rock anti-working class? You'll be saying dancing in your bedroom is bourgeois next.

Pop music has always had a very different root to those musical forms that came up from the clubs and small venues where normal people make music for themselves without the prospect of fame and fortune. Pop has always been dominated by managerial control in a way that other music only does at the very top level.

So while the Beatles absolutely came up from the grassroots, when they started to become successful they were co-opted - pop has been co-opted from day one because it was conceived in the fetid wombs of record company executives.

There are no Kylie and Jason's performing at the grassroots but there are plenty of RATM's precisely because we don't want to produce that commmercialised crap.

Incidentally, do we have a class break down of the X factor viewers or are you just assuming that because it's pap it's only working class people who watch it.

I think it's you who is guilty of disrespecting working class people by assuming that none of us have any taste.