Friday, December 18, 2009

A week is a long time out of politics

I'm about to have two weeks enforced leave from being a political activist. I've been told it's not the done thing to canvas someone on Christmas Day so I will be at a loose end. It's been so long I've forgotten what normal people do in order to 'have a life'.

Is the cinema still going? I used to quite like going to the pictures... anything good on at the moment?

I'm pretty much sorted for the day itself but what about the other thirteen days? There's only so many times I can watch We Need Answers on i-player.

I was considering having at least a week off the internet, but unless I can fill my life with other meaningless froth I'm not sure it's feasible.


Strategist said...

Yikes! Before you go on your much deserved lengthy holiday, I would like to send you an email (which I in my deranged lunacy think is urgent), but I don't have an address for you.

Are you able to interrogate your system to get my email address from this post and send me a contact address so I can write to you?

I would just put it down here but I don't want to get spammed to glory.

Jim Jepps said...

So I can get spammed instead :)

The first bit is jimjepps and the second bit id

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, if you get politics withdrawal symptoms I can always give you some data inputting to do - just say the word :)

weggis said...


Jim Jepps said...

I'd love to Sue, but if I'm taking time off the net I wont be able to :(

Alice said...

You can swap e-mails on blogs by posting your address in a comment and then deleting that comment straight away. The comment is sent to the blog admin and anyone who has ticked "email follow-up comments", but it's not left on the web once you delete it so is kept safe from spam.

Jim, check out the "Fun and Pointless Links" on my blog. If you go see a film I can highly reccommend "Bunny and the Bull".

Beware, people who only do politics get out of touch and don't end up doing politics very well - definitely needs diluting with other interests!

Jim Jepps said...

I'm usually pretty good at making space for having a life - but the last couple of months have been a bit ridiculous, and in fact that's likely to continue until the election so I better make the best use of Xmas!