Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oxford East: Peter Tatchell steps down

People may well have seen the news that Peter Tatchell has felt unable to continue as the Green Party's candidate for Oxford East due to long term health problems sustained because of his courageous campaigning work.

I'm sure we all wish this incredibly dedicated campaigner all the best for the future and let's hope that, having taken some of the personal pressure off, stepping down helps Peter recuperate.

Of course this means that Oxford is temporarily left with only one excellent candidate, in the West of the city, the independent minded green Chris Goodall.

Whilst it's probably too much to ask to find a candidate of equal stature to Peter, it would be good if we could find someone to step into the breach with an equally high profile and strong track record. As it's a Parliamentary seat they would not have to live in Oxford at the moment, although some connection to the city would probably help.

At the European elections the Green Party polled more votes than any other party but translating that into victory at the General Election will still be no mean feat.

The Oxford Green Party is currently accepting nominations so if you're interested in putting your name in the hat let them know via or if you know someone you think should put themselves forward, encourage them to do so.

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Kaihsu Tai said...

Thank you, Jim.

The Green Party came first in Oxford in the European Parliament elections 2009. We here in the Oxfordshire Green Party look forward to strong nominees presenting themselves for selection, so constituents in Oxford East can elect the Green voice they deserve. I echo your exhortation ‘if you know someone you think should put themselves forward, encourage them to do so’.

Kaihsu Tai

Secretary, Oxfordshire Green Party