Sunday, November 29, 2009

Budgen's Cola: a little bit flat

That's right - the Cola reviews are back! It's been a while, but then again I've been sticking to beer and coffee for the most part, which may be part of the explanation.

Budgens' Cola is another cheap and cheerful brand name that will sort you out when in need of something wet. As far as the taste goes we're not roving into the bizarre 'black carrot' realms of the M&S abomination, nor the fruity blend of Whole Earth. We're talking a risk-free cola that is like drinking a very familiar acquaintance rather than friend or stranger on the bus.

My one reservation about this Cola is that it seemed, well, a little bit flat. Not just the paucity of bubbles, which is not fatal, but the tang lacks bite. I think they've gone for the safe option, the road that offends the least, and in the process they've made a Cola of no real repute.

Don't get me wrong, Budgens provides a cheap way of quenching your thirst without disgusting you. If you think that Coke is a bit edgy - this is probably the Cola for you. If you were choosing a drink to enjoy you might want to look further afield.

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