Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekending: 29th November

It's time for the regular weekend hit and miscellaneous.

Blogs and sites;

A small selection of articles;
Updates on previous articles;
  • After writing my piece on Men's Societies Dave and have both written pieces in general agreement and Reuben takes issue with me. enjoy.
  • I asked Ben, a serving prisoner, what he thought of the recent prison officers' strikes. This is what he said.
Diary Dates;
I've just discovered why the web was invented - and here it is;

Welcome to the internet.


Jo Anglezarke said...

And which female genius did you get the cardboard furniture link from? :D

Jim Jay said...

A very cool blogger... don't know if you'd have heard of her though ;)

Tony Parsons said...

Thanks for the link Jim. Spread the Word!
Director of