Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are they trying to poison me

So I was drinking this "Cola" I'd bought at the railway station - M&S Cola no less. That's right - classy.

Anyway, as I was drinking it I kept thinking "This tastes of vegetables... and not in a good way. Not that there is a good way to taste of vegetables of course."

In fact the taste got so strong and I was so bugged out by it I actually checked the ingredients. What do you know, M&S Cola has among its ingredients;

  • Black carrot and,
  • Hibiscus
The horror.

I mean once a carrot has gone black you throw it away don't you? And as for Hibiscus - surely it's confined to the hippy tea ghetto for a reason... to keep it away from decent clean living folk like me.

Do you know what? There wasn't even a single E number in it to take the taste away. Shudder...


Green Gordon said...

I guess you're not boycotting m and s...

Jim Jay said...

Well I probably wont be drinking their cola again... but no, i'm not.

You might be refering to my boycott of Israeli goods and i know some people do boycott m&s for these reasons however I had a look into it (a while back) and m&s isn't israeli owned so I didn't add it to my list of things (or in this case places) I can't buy from.

Anonymous said...

careful - before you know it you'll be off climbing mountains with Matt S!

Anonymous said...

Fentimans Curiousity Cola... Now that's Cola.

Strategist said...

Jim, are you already boycotting Coca Cola? You made a few telling points against them in an earlier post, which has helped me to save a lot of money by buying fewer Innocent smoothies these days.

What brand gives the ideal blend of taste and ethics? Fentiman's sounds plausible but pricey. Any others - or are none of them up to much?

Not sure why I'm asking - I'm finding dandelion & burdock meets most of my relatively rare (once a month perhaps) episodes of sweet fizzy drink craving.

Red Green Nick said...

Red Bull Cola has real coca leaf and cola nut apparently !

Tasty stuff

Natalie Bennett said...
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Jim Jay said...

I used to boycott Coke and with good reason as you say... it's quite hard as they own everything!

I put my boycotting preferences to the public vote and now boycott MacDonalds and Israeli goods. Although I don't go for unethical goods for the sake it if I can choose something else you understand...

I must post on Cola more often - this seems to be an untapped mine!

ps Just posted this from a friend's computer, hence accidentally posting as someone else just now... doh!

ModernityBlog said...

ahh come on Jim, you are NOT really boycotting Israeli goods

If that were the case then you'd stop using Israeli derived technologies, like Intel chips and bits of XP.

But that would be hard and inconvenient, which is why most pro-boycotters only go so far, stuff that really doesn't mean much like Dead Sea soap and bagels, etc

If you are going to go on about it at least do it with vigour, wear a true hair shirt!

Jim Jay said...

We've been through this before mod.

I do boycott Israeli goods and you don't understand what boycotts are.

weggis said...

Look, if they can sell Jaffas in Iran, HTF do we know what we're buying?

ModernityBlog said...


Oh right oh, how many Israeli products do you come into contact with, on a monthly basis? 1? 2?

I doubt, even that amount.

Still, you could boycott Google, as your searches are now being processed using an algorithm developed by an Israeli.

And when you go into hospital make sure that you expressly ask not to be treated with any of that cunning Israeli produced medical equipment !

There's a lot of Israeli technology about, just you don't see it.

Be bold, really, really, boycott all of it, no XP, no Intel, none of those useful modern technologies, these half hearted boycotts are just a mere gesture and not meaningful.

No pain, no gain :)

Strategist said...

Hey Modernity Blog, I bet you're gutted about this news

The boycott, divestment and sanctions wagon is rolling and isn't going to be stopped now, not while there is no partner for peace to talk to in the racist Israeli regime.

ModernityBlog said...


A bit disappointed, but I am rather more annoyed that pro-boycotters don't carry out their proposed boycotts with more vigour.

That would mean them stop using all Intel systems, XP, the operating system, Motorola equipment, various sophisticated medical treatments, and probably the Internet, as the packets that shift around many of the routers are using technology which was developed, in part, by Israelis. All of that and much more.

Personally, I find that the pro-boycotters are great for gesture politics, ignoring a jar of olives if it says Israeli on it, but they really won't inconvenience themselves in any significant way. It is a meaningless gesture. They won't stop using Google.

But more than that it engenders an atmosphere which is hostile to Israelis and ultimately to Jews.

These boycotts do nothing for the Palestinians but make their Western supporters feel good in their hearts, it is feel-good politics in a very depoliticised age of posturing.

In trade unions these boycotts have been found to be divisive, weaken trade unionism and cause Jewish members to leave, as in the case of UCU/AUT.

Now if the end result is Jew free trade unions (with a few tokens left) then I think that is a very bad thing. But I doubt such worries will trouble too many anti-Israeli fanatics.

So do as you please, but if in a few years time racially motivated attacks on Jews increase, then you will be able to congratulate yourself on your contribution.

That's not something that anyone mature, considered or reasoned should wish, but the climate towards Jews in Britain is changing, the strain of vilification increasing and the pro-boycotters campaigns play a small part in that, not that you or anyone else would ever admitted in a hundred years.

Red Green Nick said...

The same arguments were used against sactions against South Africa -don't do it, it will only hurt the people you are trying to support.

Perhaps more targeted sanctions against the settlements and an arms embargo on both sides would be preferable.

I do find it objectionable that Modernity classes pro-boycott Jewish people as "Tokens" Jewish people hold all shades of opinion on this issue an should not be subject to a "loyalty" test.

ModernityBlog said...

I do find it objectionable when people don't read the totality of my arguments, particularly when they're probably highly educated university graduates, who should know better than to misrepresent other people's arguments.

Please try again.