Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekending: announcements et al

It's the weekend once again, and here's my usual little round up;

  • Firstly and most importantly a big thank you to Cruella for the invite to see her incredible comparing skills at work at The Comedy Pub last night. Check it out people.

  • On Tuesday Craig Murray is giving evidence to a Parliamentary committee on British complicity in torture abroad. He expects a hard time and asks for a few friendly to turn up in the gallery. 1.45pm The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, turn up half an hour early to get through security.
  • On thee 4th of May "Turning strangers into citizens" in favour of the rights of migrants.
  • On the 16th May there is a London demo to Free Palestine Assemble noon, Malet Street.
  • On the 15th June the Guardian has a Climate Change summit. Register here.

  • Political blogs are full of oddballs. Well, BNP ones anyway. (ht Weggis)
  • Why does UKIP seem to produce MEPs keenest to get their snouts in the trough?
  • Oh, and I see the BNP have been celebrating St George's Day. Photo evidence.

  • Miriam Kennet, Green economics guru and Euro candidate, has a new blog.
  • I'm compiling the Carnival of Socialism tomorrow - send me your gold dust!
  • Also launched is the Stop Nick Griffin site, possibly the most important Green campaign in the coming Euro elections.

Letter of the week comes from the Guardian;

I am lucky enough to be comfortably off and in a secure job. I was therefore astonished to learn from your budget supplement that I will be left with more money as a result of the budget. What the hell is this government playing at making people like me better off at a time of unprecedented financial crisis?

Richard Miller, Whitstable, Kent
And finally, with the ANC victory this week in South Africa I thought I'd post up the President singing his theme song "Umshini Wam" as the press keep mentioning it but never seem to play it. Translated it means "Bring me my machine gun".

I'm fascinated by this as the idea of Gordon Brown coming on stage a singing a theme tune fills me with dread. A rendition of "money, money, money" perhaps, or maybe "I am the one and only."


mancunian green said...

Re Labour's biggest arse - why isn't there an option for 'all of the above'?

Jim Jay said...

because everyone would choose it!

Charlie Marks said...

On the basis of that song, I'd vote for Zuma. In South Africa's Got Talent, at least. It's ankle-length, but it's a bloody good song. Perhaps Gordon Brown's should be "Bring me my calculator"...

Charlie Marks said...

Ooh, btw. Louisiana governor Huey Long had a theme tune:

As Forrest Gump once said, they shot that nice young man...

Jim Jay said...

Zuma has a damn fine voice - I was expecting some sort of Yeltsin dancing embarrassment but it's a proper song with backing vocals and crowd participation.

Maybe every politician should have to sing a song before making any speech - it would certainly liven up meetings

Pippa said...

There's lots of singing and dancing in South African demos as well. Ours are quite lame in comparison :)

Jim Jay said...

We'll have to start a sing song on the next one