Monday, June 08, 2009

North West results

Our predictions were right, it was a tight race between the fascists and the Greens. We lost by 0.3% of the vote in the race for that last place in the region.

If we'd been able to get just a few more votes instead of returning the most reactionary scumbag imaginable we could have sent a fantastic, clear socialist in Peter Cranie. That was the choice before the electorate and unfortunately we weren't able to prevent the absolutely worst happening. Sickening.

Conservative 423,174 25.6
Labour 336,831 20.4
UK Independence Party 261,740 15.8
Liberal Democrats 235,639 14.3
British National Party 132,094 8.0
Green Party 127,133 7.7
English Democrat 40,027 2.4
Socialist Labour Party 26,224 1.6
Christian Party-Christian Peoples Alliance 25,999 1.6
No2EU 23,580 1.4
Jury Team 8,783 0.5
Libertas 6,980 0.4
Independent - Francis Apaloo 3,621 0.2


Infantile and Disorderly said...

I hope you will excuse the shameless self-publicity, but if anyone wants to read about the anti fascist mobilisation that greeted Griffin they can here:

A sad day for the North West.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to be nauseated by this result, but I'm failing miserably.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the worst things about this (apart from the fact Griffin is now an MEP!) is that the Greens increased their vote by 300,000 and didn't win any extra seats.

Jim Jay said...

It was so close. Personally I'd feel better if we were way behind.

At the end of the day more people voted fascist than voted for a good decent socialist in Peter Cranie and so we just have to accept it - we just have to make sure that we don't let the BNP use their victory to build a real movement.

bob said...

Peter Cranie and the Green Party in the NW did an excellent job and should be congratulated. It is terribly, terribly galling how close the result was there, and horrible to have to hear that smarmy Griffin on the airwaves. The thought of how much more of him we'll be hearing is even more depressing.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart that more people voted for totally unworkable racist policies than they did for compassionate green values.

The Greens should be proud of their increases.

I'm from the North West and I voted for Peter. My first instinct about Gruesome Griffin's gain in the NW was one of shame but then, less people voted for the BNP there than they did last time round so it's not like the BNP are gaining voters. It's little comfort I know because we have him in Europe now. Bah!