Monday, June 08, 2009

European results: Jim's quick overview

Results that interest me, as they come in, from across Europe. This is the early edition as the stage is set for a bad night for the incumbent governments across Europe. I'll also twitter results as they come in, do keep an eye on that it's chaos here.

There's also a good resource for Green results at the Thursday Briefing and Euro-exit polls here.

Austria: Greens down, right gains

The Greens have lost one of their two MEPs, from memory they were expecting their vote to drop but I can't remember why.

Belgium: Greens double Parliamentary representation

Belgium is having simultaneous Parliamentary elections. the Greens had 20 MPs and now set to have 42! This meant a rise from two to three MEPs as the right and liberals fall back a place each.

In Denmark the Green affiliate (the Socialist People's Party) has gone from one to three MEPs. This is excellent news and I hope will provide a good set of strong leftists in the European Green group.

Finland Greens go up from one to two more than doubling their vote.

France the Greens came third returning 14 MEPs from six. The hard left also did well returning six MEPs, three of whom from the New Anti-Capitalist Party. All of this seems to be at the expense of the Socialist Party which is in total disarray and lst 13 seats.

Germany the left and the greens both increased their seats by one. The Tory equivalent Christian Democrats lost seven. A verdict on their handling of the recession perhaps, but certainly flies in the face of the official verdict that Europe is moving right.

Greece gains their first Green MEP. Nice work.

Holland: The centre does not hold. Cheeky buggers that they are they announced the results earlier than they're meant to, giving us the first results for the European elections.

The Greens increased their representation from two to three MEPs (on 8.9%) but the main story is that the far right Islamophobe Party for Freedom gained 16.9% of the vote which gained them 4 seats, making them the second biggest party.

Gains for the smaller parties seem to come at the expense of all the main three parties who all lost seats. Also of note is that the hard left Socialist Party vote was steady with just a 0.1% increase which means they held on to their current two seats.

Hungry: three hard core fascists gain seats at the expense of the centre left.

Ireland: naughty Greens to be punished by voters?

The signs are that the spectacularly misjudged coalition deal between the Greens and corrupt right wing government has, as predicted, led to very poor election results indeed. Is it wrong of me to be pleased? Well I am, they need to learn that feeding their ego in the short term is very bad politics indeed.

It appears they've lost 13 out of 17 city and council seats. They were warned! Irish Independent

The Irish Times has an interesting piece on the upcoming crisis meeting of the Irish Greens. Green leader Mr Gormley said, after saying that government participation wasn't up for negotiation said “I think it was clearly an indication that some of the decisions that we have taken were deeply unpopular, there’s no doubt about that.” Well quite.

In better news Lenin reports that the left have done well. People Before Profit have gained five seats including the excellent Richard Boyd Barrett (here) and the Socialist Party has also performed well apparently. Labour has also had the best local election results it has ever had!

Which brings me onto the news about Irish MEPs. It appears that Sein Fein has lost an MEP, but the Socialist Party look like they've made unprecedented gains.

Italy - news coming in that the right has done well. Greens and the radical left have lost all their seats (a total of 11).

Luxemburg: Green losses in Parliament.
The Greens have gone from 7 to 4 MPs in Parliament which bodes ill for the single Green MEP.

In Portugal the radical left has increased a seat although as yet I don't know which of the two blocks that is for (and therefore whether that means an extra green)

Sweden Greens up one seat also the Pirate Party wins a seat!


Matt Sellwood said...

Re: the result in Ireland - good. They deserve everything they get, frankly.


DarrenJ said...

I agree with Jim that the decision of the Irish Greens to enter the FF coalition was spectacularly misjudged. However, Ireland needs a strong progressive Green force so I do hope they learn from this and pull out asap in order to begin the process of rebuilding.