Friday, May 29, 2009

Prediction time!

It's that time in the campaign to make some predictions on how the votes are going to fall next Thursday.

To help us I've produced a handy chart. Here I've outlined the donations to the various parties in the first quarter of 2009 (Jan to March) and how it compares to the Greens.

Party Donations / Green donations
Tories £ 5,514,300 254.35
Labour £ 2,904,996 133.99
Lib Dems £ 1,492,769 68.85
UKIP £ 462,949 21.35
Green £ 21,680 1.00

I confidently predict that the Greens will get more than 1/254th of the Tory vote, 1/133th of the Labour vote, 1/68th of the Lib Dem vote and 1/21st of the UKIP vote - just see if we don't. In fact there's no doubt that we will. Now ballot for ballot that's value for money.

Whilst it's very satisfying to know the other parties have to pour money into their campaigns to compete with us but let's not make a virtue out of a necessity. A little extra cash might be handy as the odd leaflet and poster is useful at times like these. If you'd like to donate to the Greens you might like to visit here.


Adrian Windisch said...

Well done Jim, I was meaning to do this. I've seen some huge billboards from the Jury Team, some money going there.

Infantile and Disorderly said...

For what it's worth (pretty much nothing) the Greens smashed the opposition in my European elections poll.

Jury Team has the most laughable TV broadcast- it's amazing.

Jim Jay said...

Jury Team's was brilliant - no policies at all! There was this woman who was basically saying "Yes, I think I could vote on things and make decisions..."

Good ones I hope!

Kaihsu Tai said...

Dear Jim, of course you are right here. I needed to point this out for the record. Of course, there is also no surprise that you would have been right all along. Thanks for number-crunching for our Green Party. Now I just hope that all the political donors pour their millions of pounds and euros our way: we represent value for money!