Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekending: next week we'll be celebrating

The weekend.

  • Just recently came across this really interesting blog. Left Outside.
  • Green councillor Amy Kennedy has also started blogging. Excellent!
  • More sci-fi into reality. GM monkeys? No thanks.
  • Rejected asylum seekers face torture in the Congo.
  • Good interview with Peter Tatchell on the Third Estate.
  • Frank Skinner asks whether Britain has political talent.
  • Election geeks alert! Download and upload election leaflets of all parties here.
  • You can also read Bob from Brockley's weekending.
Our video of the week comes from the awesome Red Army Choir. Who the hell are the guys with weird quiffs though? Bizarre. Mind you so much better than the Tatu version which, like so many Red Army to banal pop cross overs, is disappointing.


Reg said...

This clip comes from a Leningrad Cowboys' concert in Helsinki. That's who "the guys with the weird quiffs" are. I've got the entire thing on video and CD and it's great!

Jim Jay said...

Haha! Thanks for that Reg!