Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today Camden tomorrow the world

If you thought that we'd seen the last of Georgia Gould then fear not. Last seen with the old New Labour top brass trying, and failing, to win the nomination for the Erith and Thamesmead Parliamentary seat you might have imagined that she would have stepped back for a moment to reflect.

But happy day Gould has secured a Labour nomination, proving you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Of course, the nomination is for the Kentish Town ward on Camden council is a slightly less lofty aspiration but it may well be a more fitting place for a twenty three year old to set out on their political career, no matter how grand her parents may have been.

Let's hope that this election goes better for her than her teenage experiences. The extremely impressive Camden New Journal tells us that a friend recalls;

“When she was 15, she ran in the school’s mock general election with Alex Birtles, the daughter of Patricia Hewitt,” said one. “They had their Labour Party posters printed at Millbank, when everyone else was using clip art and felt tip. They still didn’t win because the Green Party candidates promised to legalise cannabis.”
Let me assure everyone that the cannabis policy is still for legalisation, but never the less best of luck with the election next year Georgia.

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Strategist said...

This ward appears to be an almost-continuous state of by-election.

Given how furiously they are fought (it's got to be seen to be believed - a 3 or 4-way marginal), you'd think the victor would occasionally stick around.

If they'd only elected Sian Berry!