Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lewisham council fouling the community

I was in Lewisham this weekend and once again I was confronted by this monstrosity of a stencil plastered on pavements throughout the area.

I saw dozens and dozens of the things sprayed liberally around the area, all put there, I kid you not, by the council itself. I thought they were supposed to remove graffiti rather than contribute to it. It's not like they'd ostensibly worked either - there was still plenty of dog mess to go around - it seems that many people weren't inspired to "bag it - bin it!"

The most offensive part of this though is not that the council are "tagging" the community so liberally but that it's such an unpleasant image.

We don't just get treated to the picture of poo - it's actually got steam coming off it! The council are fouling the entire area with this shit. Do residents like looking at pictures of steaming turds? Do they feel this has improved the area at all? Did people say "Well, I like Lewisham, but really it needs spray painted dog turds everywhere to really make the place special." Wouldn't a picture of a dog have been enough?

I can see the scene now. One council official saying "Hold on - do we need the poo?" and their boss saying "Yes! We have to rub their noses in it! Oh, and add little wavy lines to represent steam! Make it so they can almost smell it!"

Now, I've spoken of the signs of Lewisham before, but this one certainly takes the cow-cake.


Matt Hodgkinson said...

When I saw them in Lewisham I thought they were quite amusing, and a better reminder to dog owners than signs on lampposts.

bob said...

Ditto. I think it's quite cool and playful and un-council-like.

Jim Jay said...

It's just me then!

If it's fun you like how about as an alternative a dog looking up at you and holding a little bag over a bin - "with bag it - bin it" underneath?