Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can a cola be "nutty"?

I thought it was my duty to try something "ethical". I know, I know it's a slippery slope. One moment you're drinking an ethical cola the next you've dedicated your life to helping one legged orphans, lost in a miasma of "do gooding".

However, my quest to explore every corner of the Cola world has brought me here - to Whole Earth's "Sparkling, delicious Cola".

It didn't begin well. Firstly it only comes in a can. In my book that's a shame. Secondly it proudly proclaims it's organic. An organic cola... Surely an oxymoron? In fact here is a list of the ingredients;

Carbonated Water, Organic Apple Juice from concentrate (18%), Organic Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice from concentrate (2%), Barley Malt Extract, Natural Flavourings, Cola Nut Extract
So, as you might imagine, it was with great trepidation I raised the tin to my lips, bracing myself for the self proclaimed "nutty" flavour. Completely unexpectedly it tasted like actual cola rather than bark or worms or twigs or something.

Then I realised something even more shocking. It was delicious!

I couldn't believe it, it was nutty, but in a good way. I know - crazy! In fact, I'd say this was the best Cola I've ever tasted. How extra-ordinary, it doesn't even have e-numbers in it.

Well, I say there are no e-numbers, but there must be - otherwise how come it's so nice? I expect they just aren't owning up to them. That must be it.

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Anonymous said...

That's not surprising, really; most things that are truly organic actually taste better than their genetically modified / artificial counterparts. I have an aversion to cola ever since I heard Coca Cola's strategy was to replace water as the first beverage of choice. However this sounds good.

Aaron said...

I was just trying to remember the name of the coke to recommend to you. It's sold in Holland and Barret and other health food stores, and it's even decent when it's not been in the fridge!

ModernityBlog said...

well, I shouldn't give this away, but my personal fav. is Inca Kola.

Reuben said...

How much is it? To be honest I do not feel right consuming anything unless I am, at the same time, carrying out my duty towards the noble cause of environmental destruction.

Jim Jay said...

It wasn't too bad... 80 pence? Something like that... good point - I should make a note of these things if I'm going to review them :)

Strategist said...

I had a can of this stuff today on the strength of this review, thus taking up £1.50 of my money, and - heinously - the slot of downtime on a beautiful warm day I had earmarked for a wholesome refreshing ale.

Absolutely horrible, godawful beverage. At least every bit as bad as Coca Cola, if not worse.

I guess I've missed the point that these cola reviews are for pre-existing fans of the cola genre. Nevertheless, I'm blaming you for this, Jim.

Jim Jay said...

One pound fifty! That's a bit steep.

Sorry you didn't like it - I should put up a disclaimer 'the author's taste may vary from your own'.

Funny thing is I thought it was quite uncola like so I might have suggested this to people who don't like Coke.... so it's best we all know now - thanks for making the sacrifice :)

Strategist said...

Jim, I now have a crisp, dry and bittersweet ale, the culmination of five generations of brewing expertise in my hand now, so I've calmed down a bit.

Let me be clear that the £1.50 covered a delightful young waitress risking her nails to remove the ring pull, putting a straw in the can and bringing it to my table.

Although I've got quite a sweet tooth I think I'm through with all fizzy pop now, so no cola is going to do it for me. A small consolation for me as my wrecked body commences its final descent into alcoholism.

I hope I speak for many Daily maybe regulars in saying I look forward to many more cola reviews leavening the ever excellent Daily Maybe, and who knows, maybe a hostile review of Mark Thomas's Belching Out the Devil one day soon.

James said...

Whole earth baked beans are similarly better than traditional Heinz or supermarket varieties - even for fans (addicts?) of high-salt high-sugar foods can sometimes discover actual flavours work better!

Michael said...

Personally I think it actually tastes far more chemical than coca-cola, I know it isn't but it just doesn't taste great.

Personally I am fan of Ubuntu cola, which isn't organic, but it is Fairtrade which is nice.