Thursday, May 21, 2009

A couple of Euro-broadcasts from Europe

I thought you might be interested to see a couple of Euro-broadcasts from other Green Parties standing in Europe. You don't need to speak any other languages to get the full effect.

The first is for the North of Ireland where Steven Agnew, who seems like a lovely, softly spoken young man, is the lead candidate.

The broadcast is very environment orientated with even an animal protection bit (cue cute puppy). He delivers the Green New Deal jobs section very well and the use of the airplane was absolutely inspired.

This second one is from the German Greens and has a very different style.

A much slicker and funnier approach which focuses on the causes of the economic crisis. Lighter on policy than the Agnew's version although, as the Greens are represented on almost every council across the country, it's probably not as necessary.


Anonymous said...

The German one is very clever.

The North of Ireland one, along with the Think Again broadcast, both remind me of why I'm a member of the Green party. Proudly so.

Aaron said...

Aye, the Think Again Vote Green one has definitely grown on me and I also really like the humility in the Northern Ireland one.