Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Host of spots and new cat pic

A few bits and bobs;

1. The debate around who the next (well, first ever) leader of the Green Party of England and Wales has begun to bubble. National Executive member Jim Killock has posted a poll on his blog asking readers who they think should stand. There's even a write in option. (Which reminds me - don't forget to vote in my Moon landing poll, right). Exciting.

2. Did you hear Obama's speech last night? Utterly wonderful, he named and shamed Exxon Mobil, said he'd impose a windfall tax on the oil companies, talked about climate change and thoroughly pissed off the right of the Democratic Party one of whom literally, I kid you not, told the Today programme on Radio Four "You can't go round attacking the oil companies, this is one step short of nationalisation." You could hear the vein in his forehead popping. Boing!

3. The Crewe and Nantwich by-election had "a touch of glamour" with Miss Great Britain standing for the post, well the Henley by-election has double bubble with not one but two candidates for the "Beauties for Britain" Party. Is this the first time a party has stood a candidate against itself I wonder? Curious.

4. Anyway I don't fancy them much and with Labour insiders worried that they'll lose their deposit (down from over 14%, Christ they're pessimistic) it means that it's just possible that the Green candidate will beat them into third place. Nice.

5. Another first is that the returning officer is blogging the by-election. Interesting.

6. What with the outgoing US President visiting Britain it was enlightening to note what the newly elected London Mayor thought of El Presidente. Courtesy of Beau Bo D'Or. Cheeky.

7. Now, I can't be the only one who upon seeing the headline "Swingers Club Is Slammed By Vicar" in the Cambridge Evening News who had some rather unsavoury images flash through my mind. Ungodly even. One thought that occurs though, is that if I was opening "Cambridgeshire's only adult venue" I'd try to arrange someone from the moral majority to have a pop, so to speak.

Although, in the Reverend's defence, I doubt most people would translate "From a Christian point of view, it is not something I would agree with." As slamming per se. Headline writer in league with swingers shock? Naughty.

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