Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shhhh... they're listening

When Gordon Brown said his government was going to listen to the people I did not at first realise he meant in order to best destroy us all.

The fresh, new Brown direction includes;

  1. smash the schools
  2. continued neglect of our knackered transport network
  3. lock them up without charge, at what point will they stop extending these powers?
  4. no deviation in the war, sorry wars
  5. privatise the defence industry but don't worry the bomb makers are still mates
  6. press ahead with nuclear power
  7. whilst not addressing the gap between rich and poor even among kids
  8. whilst completely ignoring the grassroots of his own party
  9. having tea with George Bush
That'll win the voters back! My, I've come over all dizzy, it's like a whole new government, of right wing arseholes.

With the GMB withdrawing support for Labour MPs that don't share their "values" and other unions due to discuss disaffiliation or further distancing themselves from New Labour it seems that times are going to be tough for Labour. Having deserted it's old working class friends for a dinner party in surbiton Labour's found itself without chums at all after a faux pas over the After Eights.

Thing is, I'm basically a traditional Labour voter, with caveats, but in the absence of a traditional Labour Party to vote for I'll have to go elsewhere - thanks.

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