Monday, June 09, 2008

Dates for your diary

In the next few weeks there are a number of activities that you might like to pop along to.

This Thursday in Cambridge.

The Mill Road Social Centre is being taken to court by Tesco. Meet up at the Social Centre at 9.30 am to show your support and then come down to show solidarity against the beak and the boss.

Later the same day we'll be having a strategy meeting at 8 pm, again at the social centre. This will look to what we're going to do in the future. Perhaps we'll have use of the space for a while longer, or people might discuss how we can keep the spirit alive, but in a new location.

This Friday in London

Red Pepper are having a right old knees up to celebrate forty years since 1968. Although there are talks and poetry there's actually music and dancing too - which means it has a fighting chance of being fun.

This Saturday and Sunday

Is the Weekend School of Hopi (Hands off the people of Iran) which I'm rather looking forward to. Despite my officially skint status I'm looking behind the back of the sofa to see if I can piece together enough to get to this. If anyone wants to buy me a drink whilst there, I'd not be rude enough to refuse.

That same Sunday

There's a protest against the fact that George W. Bush is in town.

There's been some hastle from the police so it may well be an illegal demonstration - which doubles the reason to turn up frankly. Stop the War are asking people to turn up at 5.00pm in Parliament Square

I've then got until Friday the 27th to save up enough to go to the Permanent Revolution weekend of discussions and argument (pdf). Not only do PR produce the most interesting publication of the UK left they also have a rather cracking line up including Newsnight's Economics Editor Paul Mason whose lugubrious drawl has given me hundreds of enjoyably informative minutes of television viewing.

What more could you want? A bit of court action, some organising, some demonstrating, then dancing and debate. Sounds good.

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