Sunday, June 08, 2008

Five good reads and a cat picture

There have been a few pieces I've seen on the web in the last few days that have been really good reads, in my view. So I thought I'd pass them on.

First we have Natalie, with an excellent piece on prostitution legislation in New Zealand.

Then we have Lena who asks us to open up the gardens of the rich.

My friend Moll has a must read piece on the changing face of Bolivia.

Stroppybird has a good piece on the MP who thinks gay people need the wrong sort of help when they get attacked.

Last but not least we have Hilary Wainwright who warns against the left developing political phantom limb syndrome.

I've just realised I've met all these people - gosh - maybe the internet is a real place after all...

p.s. an honourable mention should also go to The View From Steeltown who's latest edition of the Carnival of Socialism is really excellent. If you'd like to volunteer for the next one let me know asap! You don't have to be any particular "sort" of socialist as the aim is bring together those from many different traditions to discuss those issues that most concern us.


a very public sociologist said...

Do we get a prize for fathoming out why you've graced this post with a kitty picture?

Jim Jay said...

Sure - why not :)