Friday, May 02, 2008

Boris Johnson declared Mayor

Candidate name Party 1st choice votes 1st choice % 2nd choice votes Total vote
Boris Johnson Conservative Party 1,043,761 42.48% 124,977 1,168,738
Ken Livingstone The Labour Party 893,877 36.38% 135,089 1,028,966
Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats 236,685 9.63%

Siân Berry Green Party 77,374 3.15%

Richard Barnbrook British National Party 69,710 2.84%

Alan Craig Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party 39,249 1.60%

Gerard Batten UK Independence Party 22,422 0.91%

Lindsey German Left List 16,796 0.68%

Matt O'Connor English Democrats 10,695 0.44%

Winston McKenzie Independent 5,389 0.22%

Incidently - this compares very well with my prediction in March of how the various candidates would do. My only error was to underestimate the Christians who came two places higher than I thought they would, pushing UKIP and the Left List down a touch.


Phugebrins said...

Over 310k votes between Paddick and Berry...

... 260k valid 2nd preference votes for Boris or Ken.

Even if the BNP and CPA vote didn't transfer to Boris or Ken (though their combined vote totals alone would explain Boris' transfers), this indicates at least 10% of Lib Dems and/or Greens didn't transfer to Boris OR Ken. (So in reality, that's more like 20-30%)

I'm guessing the Lib Dems more so than the Greens.

Maybe they all did what Paddick did... Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Paddick tells the BBC he voted for the Left List's Lindsey German with his second preference vote: "I looked at which candidate was most in tune with the sort of policies that I wanted, who was the most in favour of having better, more affordable housing in London - in terms of council housing and so forth. And I voted for the Left List."


Also, I note that Aled Fisher in one FPTP constituency beat Lindsey German in the first round of the entire elections for all of London. The same can be said of Hanif Abdulmuhit.

Chris Hyland said...

First prefs is 160k between Paddick and Berry. Since we came 7th last time that's not too bad.

Jim Jay said...

From 7th to 4th is very good indeed!

I'd heard the Paddick story earlier but thought it must be a joke... it seems not!

Chris Hyland said...

When Paddick was interviewed and said that again he was smirking the entire time and when the reporter said he was obviously lying he didn't say anything.

USpace said...

Bloody good news! Praise the Lord! Thank God! What will Red Ken do next?
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
elect a communist

someone who will work full-time
to destroy your country


Phugebrins said...

"First prefs is 160k between Paddick and Berry"
To clarify, my first sentence used 'between' to mean the combined Paddick + Berry vote, rather than the difference.

Anonymous said...

CPA did poll surprisingly highly. Thanks again for all your help in Lewisham.

Chris Hyland said...

Ah yes my mistake.

Assuming that most of the Green and Left List voters gave 2nd to Ken this means quite a few of the Lib Dems didn't although that was to be expected to be fair.

scott redding said...

Well, you know who the CPA had on their side, Sue ... Let there be votes! And there were votes. And they were glad.