Friday, May 02, 2008

List Vote

The members of the Assembly elected from the list are as follows;

Party Assembly member(s)
Liberal Democrats Michael Tuffrey
Dee Doocey
Caroline Pidgeon
Green Party Jenny Jones
Darren Johnson
British National Party Richard Barnbrook
The Labour Party Nicky Gavron
Murad Qureshi
Conservative Party Andrew Boff
Victoria Borwick
Gareth Bacon

There were only small changes in the vote (less than one percent) for all parties elected, except the Lib Dems who lost 6% and the Tories who gained 3.5%

By voting Green on this list people directly contributed to ensuring the BNP got one rather two assembly seats - thanks to everyone who did that!

More info:
London Assembly Results
following the trend we've seen (below) the Tories and Labour have both increased their representation at the cost of the Lib Dems and UKIP/One London

Conservative: 8 (-1)
Labour: 6 (+1)

Total Seats
Conservative: 11 (+2)
Labour: 8 (+1)
Lib Dem: 3 (-2)
Green: 2 (=)
BNP: 1 (+1)
UKIP: 0 (-2)

Which looks like this;

It's got to hurt the Lib Dems to be just one seat up on the Greens - ouch!

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Malcolm Clark said...

Great point about the Greens. You got your number-crunching done before me.