Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tory MUGs

As we speak some Tories are attending the Convention for Modern Liberties and others are coming up with new wheezes about "mobile jails" where prisoners are signed in via video link by Dalek Four. Cripes, let's hope that sorts out all our civil liberties worries.

"The specially-designed "mobile urban gaols" - or "MUGs" - would be deployed in areas afflicted by knife crime and anti-social behavior... They would be deployed also at sporting events and shopping centres with high levels of shoplifting."

I hear-by denounce this as a stupid idea, a horrific idea, a headline grabbing initiative that will never come to pass.

I also happen to think it would actually use up more police time rather than less (the stated aim) and put cops in more danger than they currently are, guarding these half staffed Stalag-portacabins that have conveniently been placed near the roughest and toughest gangs in the land.


Anglonoel said...

It sounds like the sort of wheeze Mr Tony would come up with in an interview with 'The Sun' when his opinion poll ratings were slipping.

Anonymous said...

'hereby'. V cunning how you published this while simultaneously sitting in my front room drinking wine btw :)

Jim Jepps said...

Multi-tasking Sue... multi-tasking

weggis said...

That's a Girlie trait.
Focus, Jim...Focus!

printed mugs said...

That's a Girlie trait.