Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekending: brains

This week's weekending hodge podge of clicks, flicks and... ummm... not pricks... something nice that carries on the rhyme.

Separating it out - here's the Green Party news.

Let me know of any links you think I've missed.


Benjamin Solah said...

I love these assortment of links you do.

Though my ego makes me look for myself first thing :P

Jim Jepps said...

Thanks! I'm never sure whether people use these lists...

Talking of ego, I kind of accumulate this over the week adding things in when I see them. At least two of these links were posted by other people before it came up but after I'd scheduled them and I had this completely irrational irritated response that I was pipped at the post, rather than thinking - oh cool, people are spreading that useful link further.

The alternative would be to go back to posting up links two at a time - but I think I prefer the bumper edition at the end of the week - even if I lose my exclusive :)

weggis said...

Why, Benjamin? You will have already read those ones!

Benjamin Solah said...

lol, weggis, but Jim's visitors won't have ;-P