Thursday, October 23, 2008


I forgot to set my alarm last night. This might have spelled a disaster but somehow it resulted in a wonderful start to the day.

I woke up at eight (which whilst later than normal is still just early enough for me to get to work on time). I kind of slid out of a dream into the waking world in a natural and calm way - with no beeping or constant poking of the snooze button. I remember thinking "What a great dream!" although for the life of me I couldn't tell you what it was about, but it resulted in me just lying there just enjoying a warm, snug reverie.

For whatever reason I've been having trouble sleeping over the last few months and so I'm sure just having an uninterrupted and full night's sleep is part of it - but I don't think that explains it all. It was one of those moments when you experience inexplicable bliss. I'm not inclined towards spiritual explanations so lean towards the idea it was probably some chemical reaction or whatever, but that does not make it any the less beautiful and welcome.

I've probably experienced this feeling a handful of times in my life. I remember once lying by the river Stort on a summer's day and absolutely everything felt perfect. Nothing in my life seemed to be leading me towards those feelings - it was just the moment. Such was the charge of that experience that twenty two years later I still remember it well.

Of course, this morning I went back to sleep and ended up being two hours late for work which is probably not ideal, but somehow even that seemed appropriate. The feeling has not quite worn off yet. Nice.


Imposs1904 said...

Just saw this comment over at Another Green World blog, and I felt compelled to repost it in its entirety:

'Would this be the right place to cheekily plug Saturday's Profit versus the Planet meeting?

Taking place in London, it has been organised by the Socialist Party to advertise their new pamphlet, 'An Inconvenient Question - Socialism and the Environment' .

Click on the above link for more details. ;-)'

Anonymous said...

Jim Jay, I love this post!

I've had those moments. Only once or twice but I've never forgotten the feeling. I don't believe they're chemically-related. I'm not religious at all but I reckon we all have an inner peace and those moments are when we somehow touch that inner peace. So we should cherish them. The memory of them may help us to tap into our peace more often, or at least uplift us.

Does that sound a bit Buddhist? Maybe so but there are worse things.