Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wednesday's Selection

I dearly wish computers were less helpful. Right now my spellcheck is in French and I have absolutely no idea how to change it. How does it know I'm in France and why does it think I've suddenly become a native speaker. Anyway, it's useless to me now as very little of what I type is in the proper French, so my computer thinks it's all wrong.

  • When the Westborough Baptist church are being picketted by the KKK the mind starts to boggle.
  • Georgian London has an interesting post on riots past.
  • A little while ago Earwicga wrote an interesting post on how gender specific work in international development can sometimes be less than worthless.
  • The London Assembly has warned that the focus on frontline policing may actually reduce their capacity. I think this goes for all public services frankly.
  • Damascus gay girl writes on the Syrian government's offer of amnesty for her and other dissidents, as long as they behave from now on.
  • Reuters reports that the US congress may vote on withdrawing US troops from Libya. A scheduled vote has been delayed. "Democrat Dennis Kucinich, the resolution's disappointed sponsor, suggested the vote was dropped because it might have passed". The Republicans say they may yet bring it back to the table though.

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