Tuesday, May 31, 2011


  • A friend of mine is involved in Cable Street to Brick Lane a film project charting 75 years of anti-fasicsm in the East End. Looks good.
  • James Graham advises theLib Dems not to take any more Lords seats until its democratic. Seeing as these are the only new seats they'll be winning for a while it seems a bit foolhardy to me.
  • Left Foot Forward have spotted that a right wing think tank commited to shrinking the public sector is not adverse to taking its own slice of the public pie.
  • It seems that former Met officer Ali Dizeai was probably phone hacked by the News of the World. I wonder if they've reported that his conviction was unsafe yet?
  • Britain is preparing bunker buster bombs for assaulting Libyan command positions - which includes Tripoli I suppose. Remember when we bomb cities it's called liberation.
  • The TUC have published a report showing that corporation tax cuts do not create jobs.

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