Friday, April 01, 2011

The AV debate begins

Campaigning is beginning in earnest on the voting reform referendum. Party bigwigs, including Caroline Lucas got together to launch the Yes to AV campaign this week. By coincidence the Green's own Darren Johnson took part in a Radio Five Live experiment and managed to come an impressive second under AV (and a mere third under FPTP).

Out of the interesting people who are opposed to AV this week we have; David Owen, Paul Kenny of the GMB, Greater Surbiton, Paul Anderson, and Prospero.

Out of the interesting people who are in favour of AV this week are; Darrell Goodliffe, The New Statesman, Left Foot Forward, the Guardian editorial, and Daniel Knowles of the Telegraph.

There's also an interesting set piece debate in the Daily Mirror, the Spectator says things are getting nasty in the cabinet and the Economist just makes it all more complicated.

Martin Kettle thinks AV could make the Greens a force to be reckoned with. Newsnight are comparing how the two campaigns are using their freepost leaflets. No to AV will be launching next week.


Darrell said...


Im a No man myself. Just a slight corrective. I was saying nice things about the Yes camp because I favour their campaigning method; not because I support AV.

Kind Regards,


Jim Jepps said...

Ooops! Sorry about that. I still thought it was an interesting post though