Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Your Current Misc

Let's have a Scottish Green round-up to celebrate the fact that Patrick Harvie MSP is going to be on Question Time (BBC 1, 10.35pm) tomorrow. Good luck Patrick!

  • First to Glasgow where intruders entered the Free Hetherington Occupation claiming to be Young Greens. Their claims were made bolstered by the fact that three of them were naked. Oh yes.

  • Robin Harper, the Green Party's first MSP, has had some fantastic coverage in the Scotsman today under the headline Jolly Green Giant. He does poke fun at the left though, so brace yourselves!

  • Lalland Peat Worrier takes a look at Green tactical voting in Glasgow Southside.

  • Scottish Liberal discusses drugs, the Greens and being fair to each other.

  • The third poll in a row puts the Greens set to triple their MSPs and hold the balance of power in Holyrood. Blimey. Mind you, it'll only happen if people vote that way. Front page Headline? Green Coalition could hand Labour Power.

  • Finally I'll point towards the campaign for a 'Warm Scotland'. Utopian dreamers the lot of them.

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