Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Swept by Natural Disaster

I'm sure everyone who's watched the unfolding events in Japan has been just as horrified as I have. The earthquake and tidal wave that followed are a stark reminder of the power of the planet we inhabit.

Hundreds dead, thousands missing and an as yet unknown long term toxic an polluting impact across a highly populated area. Trains, planes, ships and cars have been swept away like so many toys.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant was caught up in the catastrophe raising the possibility of leak as cooling systems shut down and the station switched to battery power. We certainly wish the authorities the best of luck as they battle to keep the station safe. It is rare for these kinds of events to effect nuclear power stations but, particularly in an increasingly unstable climate, the impact o such a disaster d not bear thinking about. (I was talking about tis the other day on pod delusion).

The good news, if that is the right word for it, is that the wave seems to be dissipating and is unlikely to significantly effect Australia, Indonesia or vulnerable Pacific Islands. It's also true that the numbers of dead are currently far lower than they could have been due to good building standards.

A poorer nation would have been obliterated by these crushing events. Never the less Japan must be reeling, my thoughts are with them.

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