Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's selection

Here are some of the known knowns we are having to contend with right now;

  • A new edition of the Carnival of Socialism is out at Bob from Brockley. A fine, fine job.

  • Scottish Newsnight takes a look at the Green pitch to the electorate.

  • Claude takes David Laws down a notch or two.

  • Andy at Socialist Unity has some wise words about the way celebrity culture is distorting culture "One of the worst aspects of the cult of celebrity in our pop culture... is the idea that singing is an elite activity. In fact, singing, and especially collective singing is a fundamental and emotionally satisfying form of social bonding in all human societies; and while the genius of the most gifted singers should be celebrated, this should not be at the expense of discouraging others from participation."

  • The Third Estate ask why it's ok for some clubs to exclude women.

  • Ellie May talks about whether feminism has to be opposed to porn.
Incidentally, my series on an ABC of feminism will recommence with three new guest posts starting this weekend - I bet you can't wait, but you'll have to!


ModernityBlog said...

An excellent carnival of socialism, I hope that it can keep up those high standards.

On a related point, it surprising how we can perceive the culture of celebrity in modern society and yet barely acknowledge that it is part and parcel of political groupings nowadays, from Galloway onwards, and is equally corrosive.

Bob said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words Jim.