Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Top twenty mis-spelt words

According to this these are the top twenty words that are most commonly spelled incorrectly;

1. Separate 2. Definitely 3. Manoeuvre 4. Embarrass
5. Occurrence 6. Consensus 7. Unnecessary 8. Acceptable
9. Broccoli 10. Referred 11. Bureaucracy 12. Supersede
13. Questionnaire 14. Connoisseur 15. A lot 16. Entrepreneur
17. Particularly
18. Liquefy 19. Conscience 20. Parallel

Yup, I pretty much muck all of them up.


Climate and Capitalism said...

I'm surprised that minuscule isn't on the list.

Joe said...

did you spell them all wrong on purpose? or are some of them right, bloody heck this is a nightmare.

Borough was always one I could never get my head round

luna17 said...

English teacher's guilty confession: I have a nasty habit of buggering up 'bureaucracy', plus 'manoeuvre' can still cause me problems. Words like 'separate' and 'definitely' are well-known tricky spellings - I've drilled pupils in them so many times it would be embarrassing (there's another one) if I didn't know them.

Jim Jepps said...

I’ve had it checked – they are correct.

The thing I find most annoying is that my fingers seem to mis-spell words my brain knows perfectly well.

Particular is one, specifically is another – I just can’t seem to type the letters in the right order for some reason.

Essex Womble said...

As someone who teaches Politics, I find students struggle with Parliament, Government, constituency and some have a strange habit of making Prime Minister into one word.

modernity said...

Jim, when you get the chance :)


bob said...

I get almost all of those wrong, especially no.1 and no.2. In fact, in e-mails, where I have no spell checker, I've learned to avoid ever using them. Most of the others too, but never unnecessary or a lot. (My mother taught me necessary: one collar and two socks - and unnecessary seems obvious once you've got this.)

Also: personell, viscious, privelige.

bob said...

Oh, and propoganda