Friday, October 08, 2010

Pick and mix

I'm just reeling from Ed Miliband's decision to appoint Ed Balls as Shadow Home Secretary. I mean during the leadership election Balls showed himself to be strong on the economy and truly poor on immigration - so what does the face of 'we're not New Labour anymore' do? Reject a progressive economic strategy in favour of victimising immigrants. Balls.

Anyway, to business;

  • Ben Six has asked me to highlight this Scottish Parliament petition to hold an independent inquiry on the Lockerbie bombing. I'm happy to oblige.

  • Left Foot Forward have put together an interesting document on the internet and the election here (pdf).

  • I've just been looking at a new political site called Whistle. Interesting?

  • Is this the greenest government ever. Let's wait for Oct. 21st and see.

  • Dr Petra reminds us that science is vital.

  • Kate Belgrave writes of her average life as an average whore.