Thursday, October 07, 2010

Labour's shadow cabinet

So, the results for Labour's shadow cabinet are in. Let's take a look at the winners.

Yvette Cooper 232 votes
John Healey 192 votes
Ed Balls 179 votes
Andy Burnham 165 votes
Angela Eagle 165 votes
Alan Johnson 163 votes
Douglas Alexander 160 votes
Jim Murphy 160 votes
Tessa Jowell 152 votes
Caroline Flint 139 votes
John Denham 129 votes
Hilary Benn 128 votes
Sadiq Khan 128 votes
Mary Creagh 119 votes
Ann McKechin 117 votes
Maria Eagle 107 votes
Meg Hillier 106 votes
Ivan Lewis 104 votes
Liam Byrne 100 votes

Yvette Cooper in top? Who'd have thought it, and I've not even heard of John Healey the guy who strolled in at second place. All in all a pretty Blairite bunch. People who supervised ID cards, or were gung ho for war - but some names are less worse than others, I'll concede that. Still, it doesn't feel like moving on really.

I'm unsurprised that Abbott, with 59 votes, was not in the list although Peter Hain who missed out by just 3 votes was a bit of a shock. The fact that Shaun Woodward did not make it is unsurprising, but I thought David Lammy might have edged in. At least he got plenty more votes than Stephen Twigg.


Martyn said...

Had to go look up who John Healey on Wiki as I had never heard of the fellow. Feel a little stupid!

modernity said...

72 votes for Shaun Woodward, the ex-Tory, multimillionaire with butler and many houses tells you something about Labour MPs attitudes....

He got even more than Diane Abbott :(

Jim Jepps said...

We're not the only ones not to know who John Healey is!

Woodward was never going to get in - I'm surprised he even tried.

Andrew Cooper said...

Yvette Cooper was Communities Secretary when she threw out a renewables target (Merton Style) for new buildings that had been agreed by all Councils in the Yorkshire and Humber region in the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) consultation. We had a campaign to get it reinstated. It was successful and not in small part due to a better approach to the issue from Caroline Flint who took over from Yvette following a reshuffle. Of course it all turned out to be futile in the end as the ConDem Coalition abolished the RSS and the renewables target with it. Another victory for the Greenest Government Ever.