Friday, October 15, 2010

London Mayoral selection update: Lib Dems suspend process

It appears that the Lib Dems have suspended their process for selecting a candidate for London Mayor "for about a year" due to a lack of decent candidates. Three candidates got through the first short listing process "ex MP Lembit Opik, party stalwart Jeremy Ambache and former Richmond councillor Shas Sheehan."

I was surprised to see that Lewisham councillor Duwaine Brookes was not on the list as he had been making his intentions to stand for the post public for some time. It appears that he did not pass the selection test and his appeal failed. I'm torn on this because he's a well-liked local Lib Dem with a lot to offer, but I suspect he'd have found the race a bruising process as he lacks the experience and weight to be regarded as a serious Mayoral contender.

I also note that Ffloella Benjamin was not on the list which either means the rumours were not true or that she is reluctant and the stalls have been held to give party bigwigs time to persuade her. Speaking with my Green Party hat on it would be terrible if she was the Lib Dem candidate as she'd provide a real breath of fresh air and distance from the previous disastrous Lib Dem Mayoral campaign.

It's interesting that three candidates are not regarded as enough to choose from if they're deemed of sufficient quality to run and I wonder if this will backfire on them if they're going to select so late in the game.

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