Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Post

It's been a very enjoyable conference so far although, frankly, I could have done with being a little less committed over the weekend so far, but I have managed to snatch some valuable chatting time to friends I see all too rarely.

As an added bonus I managed to celebrate my birthday today, although there was more than one moment today when I caught myself thinking "I'm spending my birthday doing this?"

So far at conference I have done things like chair a reports plenary session with ruthless efficiency, spoke at the Green World official fringe and was thoroughly heckled, been elected to the national executive of the Green Party and managed to lose my voting cards - meaning I couldn't, well, vote.

Very frustrating when we passed some good housing policy, but only just, or passed the motion on AV committing the Green Party to be part of the "official" campaign. Anyway, you can't have everything and I've got bigger things to think about.

Which reminds me - I'm going to have to think about what significance being elected to the executive has for this place. I don't blog confidential stuff, and don't tend to slate individuals anyway - but I will have to consider if I need to revise any of my 'policies' for the blog.


weggis said...

.. been elected to the national executive of the Green Party

In what role?

weggis said...

Happy birthday.

weggis said...
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neil h said...

Belated happy birthday - sounds like an interesting way to spend it!

Jim Jepps said...

I'm job sharing gpex policy with a great guy from Leeds, Chris Hyland.

bob said...

Belated happy birthday.

modernity said...


One year older and one year wiser eh?

a very Green Happy Birthday....

PS: You asked me to remind you.

Jim Jepps said...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. And thanks for the reminder Mod.

The short answer is that I think there is a problem.

Although I don't think it is institutional anti-semitism in the party I do think we have a constant failure in the way we deal with disputes or handle individuals who do inappropriate things.

That failure to intervene firmly enough (or at all) can lead to a small group of people or single individuals making discussions or lists poisonous - and I know many people leave those lists because they don't reflect the friendly and useful Green Party they know in their local area.

I think the people making a complaint have a point that is worth replying to and we should try to address their concerns. Although I should say I don't 100% agree with them on the detail and definition I think it would be an error for the party to dismis this out of hand.

I'll try to make a more thoughtful comment on this later, but thought a quick response might be useful to getting on with.

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