Friday, September 10, 2010

Slow blogging this weekend

While I'm at Green Party conference blogging is going to be slooooow. I know it should be faster as I furiously relate all the debates. Problem is, when you're actually help organise meetings, chair workshops and generally contribute it can be a bit difficult to get a corner of time to blog. I'll try, but please forgive me if I don't get to it.

Thanks to all those who attended our hastily arranged bloggers meet up tonight, nice to meet some of you in the flesh for the first time. For twitterers you may want to follow #gpconf which has been an excellent stream of information so far.

You may also like to know the deputy leadership result which was won by Adrian Ramsay 2386 to Derek's 826. All in all a well fought campaign on both sides although I feel guilty for not finishing the half written post on the London and online hustings as well as not *actually* voting - which was very remiss of me.

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