Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stories from the Australian election

I thought I'd highlight a few of the stories from the ongoing Australian elections.

  • The far right Family First party is in hot water. Beset by splits, sex scandals and, drum roll, tweeting disasters it looks like they may not do too well. Sad.

  • Mr Science Show is looking at science policy and the Australian election - here he has a short interview with Green Party leader Bob Brown on where he stands.

  • I notice that the Socialist Alliance are calling for people to vote Socialist and Greens. National convener of the Alliance, Peter Boyle, says "I hope the Socialist Alliance, the Greens and other progressive candidates get the biggest vote possible and that the Greens win as many Senate seats as possible and hopefully their first House of Representatives seat in Melbourne. Socialist Alliance members are campaigning not only for our own candidates but also for the Greens and other progressive candidates".

  • In The Age Danny Katz argues that Oz should "Keep the boats coming, but please, future PMs, keep the Canadians out", the piece contains the immortal line "You see them walking our city streets in small intimidating Caribou-packs, offending everyone with their culturally insensitive Roots-brand Beaver-Canoe sweatshirts."

  • Ozzies are voting in the UK, at Australia House. The Sydney Morning Herald has been doing an exit poll. The results? "The result was Liberals 45 per cent, Labor 39 per cent and Greens 16 per cent." Mind you the Australian Times did their own exit poll where the results were "Liberal/National: 34%, Labor: 33%, Greens 32%". Ummm... calm down everyone.

  • Three links to parties standing in the election: The Greens, The Socialist Alliance, The Sex Party.
Feel free to suggest anything you've spotted!


Derek Wall said...

Both the Aus Greens and SA are excellent, do take a regular look at the excellent Green Left Weekly

skywalker said...

Socialist Alliance actively campaings for the rights of everyone. We particularly campaign for the rights of workers, women, Aboriginals,
Refugees/Asylum Seekers, Gays, students, and unemployed.