Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday links

  • Adrian Windisch has taken a look at the wikio rating for Green blogs and crunched the numbers (must have been loads of work!). I believe wikio works on hard data like links, hits, etc. rather than how much people smile when they read your blog. I was surprised by some of the results here, but remember people, blogging is not a competition!

  • F for Philistine has a lovely little post on scroungers.

  • If you're following Labour's London Mayoral selection you may well be interested in selection spotlight who have all the gossip. King has flagged rather, and although she's raised her game (she now has actual policies!) it's a fair bet that she is doomed. Two nil to the left then.

  • Inside Story look at direct mailings and the Australian election.

  • I've just come across Matt Blackall's blog (actually I think I saw it before and it slipped off my radar, glad to have it back on). Another left-wing Green.

  • How can I recycle this? is a fun site where readers send in questions like "How can I recycle jigsaws" and readers send in their responses.

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