Saturday, August 21, 2010

Australian election

Irrepressible Ozzie Pippa Lane points me towards ABC's live coverage of the Australian election results.

In particular you can watch their election coverage, and the various online tools. Feel free to send me links of any other useful election sites.

I'm told the PR section of the vote (the senate) takes a couple of weeks to come in fully, although we'll know the headlines today. The single constituencies are essentially coming in already.

So far we're looking at Greens up, Labour down a bit, Tories up a bit. Whether this means the Greens can win a house of reps seat or not, the pundits seem unsure... we'll see soon enough!

You may also want to follow the election on the twitter hashtag and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Good luck to all the goodies, bad luck to the nasty parties. (My Australia advisor tells me the pic is not offensive)


Australian Greens appear to have won their first ever House of Representatives seat in Melbourne Well done Adam Bandt, you beauty! Also in SMH

This is worth watching on Melbourne;

In Tasmania a green leaning independent looks like he's running Labor very close.

Greens run Labor very, very close in Sydney - extraordinary!

The Greens is doing very well on first preferences which also means that there will be more state funding available. One correspondent writes; "State funding is allocated according to how many first preference votes each party receives. It's $2.31191 per eligible vote."

Message from Oz Green organisers in London, UK: "Come and celebrate the Australian Greens' election campaign, tonight from 9am-2pm. Yucatan Bar, 121 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BT. The Greens are tipped to win the balance of power in the Upper House and win our first ever seat in the Lower House. Currently we are polling 14% nationally."

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