Thursday, July 08, 2010

Eco-round up

  • Christine Ottery has some questions for aspiring environmental journalists.

  • This week's Weekly Worker came out today and in case you've not rushed over to their site yet they're discussing the environment. Jack Conrad takes an in-depth look at the SWP's eco-credentials. Be warned, it's a bit long.

  • Bright Green Scotland looks at what's been happening in the Australian government, and how it effects the environment.

  • David Mitchell on the other hand has a little video on the Guardian website on how we fight climate change, or something.

  • Meanwhile George Monbiot finds himself apologising over climategate. Not massively fulsome in his apology but credit where it's due - he definitely apologised.

  • News from Kyoto University's leading primate research centre where there has been a mass breakout of monkeys who used trees to catapult themselves over electrified fences. Fifteen monkeys hurled themselves to freedom, but sadly the runaways were unsure what to do with their new found freedom and "they probably wanted to stay near to the other monkeys", so were lured back into captivity by peanuts. That's how they always get us. Love and peanuts.

  • In Brazil the Green Party's Presidential candidate is Marina Silva, the ex-minister for the environment in Lula's Workers Party government. It looks like she may do rather well with her combination of green and left ideas. We'll see, you can check out her Portuguese language website here.

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